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The suspension system is something we often take for granted but as crucial as it is, we should immediately take it to the workshop if we have any doubts. It is common for people who are not aware or aren’t sure if there are some issues in the car Suspension system. Having bad suspension can greatly affect the ability to drive your car while turning or stopping. Make sure that if you hear any noise in your car while turning it on, you must get it checked or you might end up having more serious trouble in your suspension. The Gearbox is fully-equipped with all the advanced tools to work on your suspension repair in Dubai.

Your suspension system is a very vital part of your car. It’s important that you consider your suspension system as a crucial part of the cars safety. The suspension system must be closely monitored as it is one of the first things that is considered a safety hazard if any problems appear. And we understand how hard it is to interpret if your suspension system has any faults, that’s why we’re here to help! If you find that your suspension system is making any noise while turning, stopping, or driving over speed bumps, then you must get it checked immediately or encounter more serious problems while driving. The Gearbox is a state-of-the-art facility which is fully-equipped with advanced tools to deliver the best suspension repair services in Dubai.

Here’s how to asses when it’s time to get your suspension system repaired:

A few PRO tips on how to know when your suspension system needs to get diagnosed:

·  Your vehicle is driving more stiffly than usual

·  Jerking sounds while turning or reversing (this also applies when turning from a stop position)

·  Unbalanced tire treads

·  Noises while driving below 40 KM/H

·  Noises or vibration while braking

Since your suspension system plays a key role, you must ensure to get it checked immediately if any of the above issues are faced. A healthy suspension system ensures that tires and alignment are secured and your driving safety is protected.

Here’s how we conduct an examination at The Gearbox:

·  We conduct a thorough examination of your suspension system and steering system

·  Overall inspection and diagnosis of your shock absorbers and advise you if they must be replaced

·  Wheel alignment and wheel bearing scan

Our Expert Car Suspension Services in Dubai include:

·  Shock absorbers repair and replacement

·  Under-carriage service

·  Suspension alignment and replacement

·  Wheel alignment

·  Repair and replacement of axels and struts

·  Sports suspension installment




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