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NANO ceramic coating succeeds in providing a shield-like layer to your vehicle’s exteriors. We offer our NANO ceramic coating services in Dubai with an aim to remove multiple car paint-related issues. Our NANO ceramic coating services allow you to skip repeated polishing and detailing treatments to keep your car’s paint looking brand new. Also, you’ll  be able to save your money on your car’s exterior paint quality for a longer period of time.

By choosing our Nano ceramic protection package, you’ll be guaranteed a warranty (depending upon the layers) and receive the highest level of protection for your car against environmental damage, minor damage and paint color fading due to heat and several factors.

Preserve Your Brand New Car Shine with our Ceramic Coating Service in Dubai


We understand how the weather in the UAE can be harsh on the exterior condition of all cars, Therefore it’s important to give your car the best protection from these extreme temperatures. Ceramic coating helps you maintain the market value of your car and maintain its overall paint quality.

Our ceramic paint protection system contains an ingenious technology which guarantees that your car paint remains free from any fading over the long run. Your car will become resistant to Sunlight, scratches, sand abrasions, aging, gravel impact, and bird droppings.

Here’s how we prepare your car before applying the Ceramic coat:


·   Deep car wash

·   Polishing

·   Eliminate all inconsistency from paint


Our NANO Ceramic Coating benefits in Dubai include:

·   Premium car exterior protection

·   Protection against scratches

·   Long-lasting coat protection

·   Easier to clean vehicle and resistance to dust

·   Enhanced Paint Shine

·   Maintaining market value

·   Water/rain resistance

·   Resistance to chemical stains and aging

·   Resistance to sunlight and oxidation




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