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Premium Engine Oil Services

Premium Oil Services



With the weather climate in Dubai, it’s very important that you check your oil level and quality regularly to make sure you’ve chosen the right match for your car.

We’ve been providing specialized Car oil leak repair Services in Dubai for the past 10 years for all types of car brands. We use Premium quality oil brands, and we make sure to inspect your car air filter and car fluids in order to provide you with an accurate report on your car engine oil. In addition, we make sure to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective service to ensure your car health is optimal.

How to know when it’s time to Check your Oil Level:

You must perform routine oil level and quality checks every 5000 KM to ensure your car running smoothly.

How to know when it’s time to change or refill your oil?


It’s definitely time to change or refill your car oil once you see an indication sensor on your dashboard or when your car starts making unusual noises from the engine and your fuel consumption is irregular.


How to choose the right type of oil for your car?

Your vehicle handbook contains all the necessary information on the minimum oil quality specifications and viscosity grade. But you may also choose a more premium oil brand depending on your driving needs.


Choosing the right oil depends on the following:

·   Car type– A high-performance car needs higher quality oil

·   Car age – Engines systems are constantly changing with newer models, giving you better performance with more efficient fuel consumption. Advanced oils have been developed to help keep up with these higher engineering developments.

·   Driving environment – None of us in Dubai is keen on slow traffic, and neither is your engine. Using premium quality oils will help prevent the commencement of engine wear and tear.

Our Specialized services of Premium Oil change in Dubai include:

  • Synthetic Premium Oil Change

  • Oil Filter Change

  • Car engine oil repair

  • Oil Flushing

  • Free 150 Point Inspection

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