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BENTLEY REPAIR, Service and Maintenance

Preferred Dealership Alternative for Bentley Repair and Service in Dubai

Bentley Car Repair, Service and Maintenance Specialists in Dubai


Driving a Bentley is the perfect mix of performance and Luxury. Owning a Bentley is like owning a symbol of personal status. Being one of the most popular and demanded luxury cars, Bentley conglomerates both a fulfilling British heritage as well as advanced German engineering, making it a one-of-a-kind luxury drive. Delivering both a British classic charm with a modern luxury twist, your Bentley is no ordinary car so trust your car to a workshop where it gets the care it deserves.




We are Bentley Repair, Service, and Maintenance Specialists and guarantee the highest standard of automotive repair and maintenance in Dubai.

At The Gearbox, we understand the importance of brand specialization because every car today requires the right experience and tools for accurate Bentley maintenance. Therefore, at our specialized Bentley workshop in Dubai, your car will be handled by handpicked and certified Bentley mechanics who are experienced with the intricate mechanical and electrical systems of the older and newer Bentley models.

We endeavor to follow every recommended step to ensure you get dealership quality assistance with your vehicle’s Bentley repair in Dubai, and of course without the exorbitant dealer prices.


Our Expert Services For Your Bentley


Bentley Repair Service Packages - Kilometer Based PMS to keep your Bentley at Best Performance.


We have implemented a kilometer-based service system for your Bentley, managed by our top Bentley service managers to keep your car under a periodic car inspection and undergo all necessary services.

Bentley Services we provide in Dubai:


  • Bentley Air Filter Check & Replacement

  • Bentley Minor service & Major service

  • Bentley Suspension Repair

  • Bentley Transmission Repair

  • Bentley Gearbox Inspection

  • Bentley Steering & Alignment Repair

  • Bentley Engine Restoration

  • Bentley Software Programming and Diagnosis

  • Bentley AC Repair & Service

  • Bentley Engine Coolant System check

  • Bentley Brake and Disc Replacement

  • Bentley Sensor and Camera Calibration

  • Bentley Pre Purchase Inspection

  • Bentley Body Shop

  • Bentley Annual Service Packages

  • Bentley Extended Warranty on Parts

  • Bentley Service & Warranty 


What to expect at The Gearbox Auto Service:

  • Dealership Standards Bentley Repair with affordable market prices

  • Warranty Guarantee for 6 to 12 months for all Bentley parts replaced

  • 100% genuine parts, we also offer refurbished and duplicate parts

  • Advanced-Data system to track the history of your car

  • Staff that prioritize their customer and car needs above all else

  • FREE inspection, FREE Pickup and Delivery, FREE car wash and waxing, FREE oil change vouchers (seasonal offerings)

The GearBox Auto Services Center is an expert in diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing solution for the following Bentley models:

  • Bentley Continental G.T. Repair

  • Bentley Continental Repair

  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur Repair

  • Bentley Arnage Repair

  • Bentley Azure Repair

  • Bentley Bentayga Repair

  • Bentley Brooklands Repair

  • Bentley Mulsanne Repair

Our facilities have what your Bentley needs:


  • Most enormous independent luxury car garage and service centre

  • Advanced, easy access, and well-maintained workshop

  • 15,000 Square foot workshop

  • 18 car lifts

  • Turnover of 30 cars per day

  • Engine room and Transmission/gearbox room dedicated for sensitive repairs

  • Certified technicians with Luxury car repair experience

  • 3,000 spare parts available in storage

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