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Car Body Paint Services

Car Paint Services



Restoring the beauty and shine of your car is what we specialize in The color and shine of your car are the first things that turns heads. And it’s even more noticeable during the day if the exterior is chipped, scratched, or worn out. At the gearbox we have the most advanced quality paint tools, the most professional car painters in Dubai, and the highest dealership quality paint products to restore your car to looking brand new.

We offer our customers over 1,000 different colors to choose from if they decide to change the color of the car or do custom paintwork. Our expert car painters will help you decide the best options for your car and keep you well informed of the whole prices. You should expect to get the highest quality car body paint service at the most affordable market prices. So, if you’re starting to feel the color and finish of your car are not as satisfactory as they should be, then don’t hesitate to call us anytime for some assistance on pricing and bookings!




  • Full exterior car painting: 360-degree vehicle exterior painting from bumper scuffs to full body restoration, operating with the advanced paint booth room, our full car painting service offers a factory-new paint finish with exact color match.

  • Custom car paint finishes: We offer a variety of paint finishes such as Matte, Gloss, and Candy paint finish.

  • Car accident and collision repair: Has your car been in an accident? We are here to fix your vehicle’s body with accuracy! From minor car scratch repair to smart dent removal, we’ve got it covered.

  • Stone chips restoration: It’s very common to have stone chips all over your car exterior when driving long distances. We have a very effective and easy solution to do minor paint touch-ups for your car to look new again.

  • Swirl mark removal: If you have recently gotten a bad polishing job done or if your car was wet and aggressively dried by a rough cloth, then your car will have swirl marks all over. And we apply a special ceramic liquid that eliminates the swirl marks completely and restores the car’s shine for much longer.

  • Car ceramic coating service in Dubai: if you have recently polished your car or received a full paint job, it’s always recommended to get Nano ceramic coating done on the car’s exterior to protect it from future scratches, swirls and paint deterioration due to heat.


What to expect at The Gearbox Auto Service:

  • Dealership Standards for car body painting with affordable market prices

  • 100% genuine paint with extended warranty

  • Advanced-Data system to track the history of your car

  • Staff that prioritize their customer and car needs above all else

  • FREE inspection, FREE Pickup and Delivery, FREE car wash and waxing, FREE oil change vouchers (seasonal offerings)


Our facilities have what your car needs:


  • Biggest independent European & American car service centre

  • Advanced, easy access, and well-maintained workshop

  • 15,000 Square foot workshop

  • 30 car lifts

  • Turnover of 30 cars per day

  • Paint booth, Engine room, and Transmission/gearbox room dedicated for sensitive repairs

  • Certified technicians with Luxury car repair experience

  • 3,000 spare parts available in storage

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