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We are a leading facility with certified and experienced car specialists in Dubai. Our Experts specialize in everything from major to minor engine issues.


Here’s how our expert process works:

1. We take your car through a complete diagnostics test

2. Depending on the vehicle issues at hand, we are specialized in dismantling the engine to find out exactly what’s causing the problem.

3. We then replace all the faulty parts of the engine with guaranteed 100% genuine parts

4. The final step is to re-assemble the engine and test-drive your car to make sure all the problems have been taken care of.

5. You’ll receive a free car sanitization and free drop-off to your location. With a warranty on all genuine parts*


We guarantee the best engine repair service and make sure your car is restored to its driving glory. Our team strives to deliver the highest standard of engine repair and maintenance.



Our Car Engine Repair Specialties in Dubai include:


·  Car engine Diagnostics

·  Car Engine dismantling and assembly

·  ECU engine scanning

·  Engine Oil leak repair

·  Car Engine overhauling

·  Car engine rebuild or replacement

·  Auto Engine timing chain service

·  Ignition misfire repair



Professional Car Engine Repair Dubai:

We recommend that you regularly have service check-ups and maintenance to avoid any serious problems that you might have been unaware of. This will ensure that your vehicle will run smoothly and conserve more fuel while driving in the long-run.

Our certified professionals are here to make sure your car is restored to its full potential. We have all the latest computer scanning systems and a state-of-the-art facility that’s prepared to handle anything, whether it’s a minor service or a complete engine rebuild.


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