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Car Battery Services


We offer FREE battery diagnosis for your car. Our skilled Technicians will help cover all the battery needs your car requires. With a team of highly experienced technicians, we’re able to use the latest in advanced battery scanning technology to give you the most accurate and effective results. We have over 10 years of experience in handling a wide range of services for all car brands.


Most of the time we neglect the inspection of our car’s Battery until it’s too late, but a regular battery check and maintenance helps you ensure that your car will be driving at its full potential. Our Battery service experts will scan your battery and deliver a thorough report about its condition. We have advanced computerized battery scanning systems that help identify all issues with battery cells and battery levels.


If ever your battery dies out, please call our customer service team immediately at 050 324 5212 and we’ll send a recovery team on the spot to assist you.


Our Car Battery Services in Dubai:


·      Advanced Computer Battery Test

·      New battery installation/replacement

·      Dismantling dead battery

·      Battery cable power diagnosis

·      Eliminating Battery-Cable Corrosion

·      Detailed Battery Electrical System Check

·      1-Year Warranty new battery installation

·      24/7 roadside support for battery jumpstart and replacement

·      Battery recommendations to accurately match your driving needs



  • 20K (2 Years) – 30K (3 Years) – 40K (4 Years) – 50K (5 Years) – 60K (6 Years)
    At the gearbox, we have designed a customized service contract package for different types of customers to cater to their automotive needs. The main benefits of our service contract packages include savings on individual service costs, protection from price inflation, flexible payment options, warranty protected due to adherence to regular services & better resale value due to service history. You can enjoy peace of mind when re-selling your car for higher value, since the vehicle ownership change will ensure the continuity of the service contract
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