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Preferred Dealership Alternative for Audi Repair and Service in Dubai


Audi is a popular car choice in Dubai because of its sophisticated engineering, extraordinary quattro driving experience, and high-tech electrical systems. So, if you’re looking for the best Audi repair in Dubai, we’re here to elevate your Audi service experience; The Gearbox is a trusted and reputable independent Audi Service Center in Dubai. Our modern tools and equipment along with expert Audi technicians specialize in the service and repair of your German car. We promise to keep your car running at its optimal performance. Audi cars have multiple, advanced technology systems and this requires a specialized Audi mechanic to understand the design of this sophisticated car and maintain it accurately and effectively.


Why Choose The Gearbox for your Audi Service in Dubai? Most Reliable Dealer Alternative Audi Repair and Maintenance Services in Dubai


The Gearbox Auto Services is one of the leading specialized German & European auto repair garages that provides Audi service in Dubai. If you want an experienced, reliable, and affordable Audi Service Center Dubai at low rates, then call us now! Our service team along with our Audi mechanics believe in quality and customer satisfaction above all. We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and their German vehicles. We provide Audi services at our luxury car repair garage by leveraging enhanced modern tools and upgraded software to troubleshoot and repair your Audi. We are currently the larges


Genuine Audi Spare Parts: We only use genuine Audi parts that come directly from the Audi equipment manufacturer. We repair your Audi by the same standards as the dealership, with much lower prices!


Certified Audi Mechanics: We work with the most experienced and sought-after German car technicians that are trained with respective Audi certificates, ensuring thorough and effective results.


Transparent Quotation & Reports: We guarantee transparent quotations (no hidden charges or pricing tactics) and clear inspection reports. Often with dealerships, customers will get confused and abundant information that makes quotations unclear. From starting the work all the way to delivering your car back, we will keep you posted on every step of the process. Decreasing the communication gap and delay in completion time. 


Get Recommended Periodic Audi Maintenance Service

Periodic Audi Maintenance Package is the approach of monitoring your car’s performance and servicing it in accurate time intervals to keep the car in optimal condition. It is done as a preventative technique to avoid any surprise issues in the future. Therefore, implementing a PMS routine for your Audi is crucial.


Kilometer-Based Packages for your Audi

Car experts often use a “Kilometers driven by a car” system as a valid metric to measure the current condition of an Audi. We use the same system to determine the type of services your Audi needs. To simplify the approach, here we have made a list of services that a Audi needs during its healthy lifetime.

Additional Audi Services in Dubai offered at The Gearbox:


  • Audi engine repair

  • Audi minor and major service

  • Audi battery change

  • Audi A7 Repair

  • Audi brake repair and disc skimming

  • Audi AC repair and filter change

  • Audi transmission repair

  • Audi gearbox inspection

  • Audi suspension repair in Dubai

  • Audi spark plugs replacement

  • Audi steering & alignment check

  • Audi electrical diagnostics

  • Audi Rim Repair

  • Audi complete detailing

  • Audi Dyno tuning & chip tuning

  • Audi PPI (Pre-purchase Inspection)

  • Audi convertible roof repair

  • Audi exhaust repair

  • Audi body repair

  • Audi painting services

  • Audi ECU scanning

  • Audi recovery pickup & delivery

  • Audi ceramic coating

  • Audi dent repair

  • Audi disinfection & sanitization

  • Audi body polishing

  • Audi service contracts


Our facilities have what your Porsche needs:


  • Biggest independent European car garage and service centre in Dubai

  • Advanced, easy access and well-maintained workshop

  • 15,000 Square foot workshop

  • 20 car lifts

  • Accommodates 50 cars per day

  • Engine room and Transmission/gearbox room dedicated for sensitive repairs

  • Certified technicians with Luxury car repair experience

  • 3,000+ genuine spare parts available in storage

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