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Car Scanning and Diagnostics


If you’re looking for the best complete car diagnostic services in Dubai, then you’ve come to the right garage. as we're the largest, most trusted car repair and service garage in Dubai. 

No matter what kind of car you drive, only expert professionals like us offering car scanning
diagnostic services in Dubai can verify the car's accurate condition. Using the latest technology for car scanning, car diagnostic tests, diagnostic tools, and German-engineered car scanners.

Your car needs a bumper-to-bumper inspection at a professional luxury car garage, or else getting inaccurate results could cause catastrophic outcomes when buying a used car or repairing it. Our expert staff at The Gearbox provides the most advanced car scanning diagnostic services for every car brand and model. We have a team of the top proficient mechanics to ensure that your car is scanned and diagnosed care
fully for every current and future problem. After the scan, a complete 360 degree car report is provided to the client as soon as possible. This helps luxury car owners make the right calculated decisions when it comes to repairing, servicing or even selling their car.


Car scanning and diagnostic test in Dubai at The Gearbox includes:

  • Car engine diagnostics

  • Carbon check for emissions readiness

  • Diagnosis of car gearbox

  • Transmission problem diagnosis

  • Car suspension diagnosis

  • Airmatic suspension diagnosis

  • Car exterior condition report

  • Car brake system check

  • Tire age and air pressure check

  • Car service history check

  • AC gas level scan

  • Oil filter health check

  • Fuel injector cleanliness check

  • 360 degree car diagnostic report

  • Pre-purchase inspection


Our Most Popular Diagnostic Services by Car Brand include:

  • BMW X5 Transmission problem scanning

  • Audi A7 gearbox shift jerking diagnosis

  • Audi A6 gear slippage check

  • Maserati shock absorber vibration check

  • Porsche Panamera spoiler malfunction scan

  • Mercedes G Class engine leak diagnosis

  • Bentley continental GT air suspension failure report

  • Jeep Wrangler wheel vibration checkup

  • Porsche 911 transmission lock check

  • Aston Martin brake vibration diagnosis

  • Ferrari throttle response check  

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