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Preferred Dealership Alternative for Maserati Repair and Service in Dubai

Maserati Repair and Maintenance Service in Dubai | Maserati Specialist Garage



Your Maserati turns heads for all the right reasons. It is the ultimate vision of Luxury!

We think of Maserati as the dapper cousin of Ferrari, a brand known for producing luxurious sports cars soaking with elegance, your Maserati sits in the most eloquent and stunning range of luxury cars out there. Having a fulfilling history of Italian engineering and prestige, a car like Maserati can’t be copied. That is precisely why your Maserati needs unparalleled quality service and repair, which is exactly what our team at the gearbox has to offer. Whichever Maserati car you drive, whether it’s the popular GranTurismo, Ghibli, Levante, Merak, or the famous Biturbo, we have what it takes to deliver quality. With over 22 years of experience in Maserati vehicle repair and service in Dubai, we know exactly how your car is built and the car issues you may face over time. We have a valuable database system that tracks problems regularly faced by Maserati drivers such as AC cooling issues, camshaft adjustment issues, stiff and vibrating steering, engine oil leaks, electric wiring malfunction, and several issues with bushing suspension and axles.




Consider us Dubai’s best Maserati Repair, Service & Maintenance Specialists that ensure the highest standard of automotive maintenance. Our Maserati service centre in Dubai ensures a complete car health diagnosis. We begin with a full Maserati computer diagnostic to better understand the underlying faults in your Maserati. Then we make a thorough inspection report with expert recommendations for step-by-step solutions. We don’t just deliver a premium Maserati repair service, but an unforgettable service that keeps our customers coming back.


Dedicated Maserati Advisors: We work with dedicated service managers for any type of Maserati service you require. Our Maserati specialists in Dubai are hand-picked by their extensive experience, to maintain the highest quality of service provided, keeping your mind at ease.

Original parts with Warranty: Nothing beats the original. Before we replace any Maserati parts, we buy them directly from the source equipment manufacturer or Maserati dealership in Dubai. This is to guarantee your car maintains its original performance and feel. 


Our Expert Services For Your Maserati


Maserati Repair Service Packages - Kilometer Based PMS to keep your Maserati at Best Performance.


We have implemented a kilometer-based service system for your Maserati, managed by our top Maserati service managers to keep your car under a periodic car inspection and undergo all necessary services.

Maserati Services we provide in Dubai: 

  • Maserati Air Filter Check & Replacement

  • Maserati Minor service & Major service

  • Maserati Suspension Repair

  • Maserati Transmission Repair

  • Maserati Gearbox Inspection

  • Maserati Steering & Alignment Repair

  • Maserati Engine Restoration

  • Maserati Software Programming and Diagnosis

  • Maserati AC Repair & Service

  • Maserati Engine Coolant System check

  • Maserati Brake and Disc Replacement

  • Maserati Sensor and Camera Calibration

  • Maserati Pre Purchase Inspection

  • Maserati Body Shop

  • Maserati Annual Service Packages

  • Maserati Extended Warranty on Parts

  • Maserati Service & Warranty 


The GearBox Auto Services Center is an expert in diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing solution for the following Maserati models:

  • Maserati Ghibli Repair

  • Maserati LevanteRepair

  • Maserati Quattroporte Repair

  • Maserati Gran Turismo Repair

  • Maserati GT Convertible Repair

What to expect at The Gearbox Auto Service:

  • Dealership Standards Maserati Repair with affordable market prices

  • Warranty Guarantee for 6 to 12 months for all Maserati parts replaced

  • 100% genuine parts, we also offer refurbished and duplicate parts

  • Advanced-Data system to track the history of your car

  • Staff that prioritize their customer and car needs above all else

  • FREE inspection, FREE Pickup and Delivery, FREE car wash and waxing, FREE oil change vouchers (seasonal offerings)


Our facilities have what your Maserati needs:


  • Biggest independent luxury car garage and service centre

  • Advanced, easy access, and well-maintained workshop

  • 15,000 Square foot workshop

  • 18 car lifts

  • Turnover of 30 cars per day

  • Engine room and Transmission/gearbox room dedicated for sensitive repairs

  • Certified technicians with Luxury car repair experience

  • 3,000 spare parts available in storage

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