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Preferred Dealership Alternative for Porsche Repair and Service in Dubai


Porsche is a demanded choice in Dubai because of its German engineering and extraordinarily smooth driving, prestige and luxurious finishing. If you’re driving any Porsche model, then you’re surely looking for a trustworthy and transparent Porsche service center in Dubai to service and maintain your Porsche. The Gearbox is one of the most qualified Porsche specialist garages in Dubai, we have the latest tech equipment and tools. And they come with dealership trained mechanics who are highly experienced in Porsche repair and Porsche service. Our dealer alternative Porsche service center in Dubai is changing the way people view the luxury car repair & service garages. We will maintain your Porsche with the most caring and expert hands in the industry, to make sure you drive smooth every single day. 


Why Choose The Gearbox for your Porsche Service in Dubai? Most Reliable Workshop for Porsche Repair and Maintenance Services in Dubai


We believe in quality first, and our highly experienced Porsche mechanics are committed to tackling any issue with your car head-on. We’re here to elevate your driving comfort and maintain your car value in the best ways possible. Some of the mechanical services and repairs we offer our customers include Porsche tires replacement, Porsche nitrogen gas filling, Porsche gear oil and filter change, Porsche wheel rim repairs, Porsche major overhauls, and electric diagnosis, Porsche battery replacement, Porsche AC gas refilling, system repairs, & filter replacement, Porsche brake pads and disc replacement, and others.


The most popular Porsche services we offer include Porsche tire change, Porsche AC gas re-fill, Porsche transmission repair and service, Porsche rim repair, Porsche engine overhaul, electric system scan, Porsche battery change, Porsche AC repair, Porsche air filter replacement, Porsche brake change and disc replacement, and more!


We service all Porsche models with the most affordable market prices.


Get Recommended Periodic Porsche Maintenance Service

Periodic Porsche Maintenance Services is the approach of monitoring your car’s performance and servicing it in accurate time intervals to keep the car in optimal condition

It is done as a preventative technique to avoid any surprise issues in the future. Therefore, implementing a PMS routine for your Porsche is crucial.


Kilometer-Based Packages for your Porsche

Car experts often use a “Kilometers driven by a car” system as a valid metric to measure the current condition of a Porsche. We use the same system to determine the type of services your Porsche needs. To simplify the approach, here we have made a list of services that a Porsche needs during its healthy lifetime.

Additional Porsche Services in Dubai offered at the gearbox:


  • Porsche engine repair

  • Porsche minor and major service

  • Porsche battery change

  • Porsche Phantom Repairs

  • Porsche brake repair and disc skimming

  • Porsche AC repair and filter change

  • Porsche transmission repair

  • Porsche gearbox inspection

  • Porsche suspension repair in Dubai

  • Porsche spark plugs replacement

  • Porsche steering & alignment check

  • Porsche electrical diagnostics

  • Porsche Rim Repair

  • Porsche complete detailing

  • Porsche Dyno tuning & chip tuning

  • Porsche PPI (Pre-purchase Inspection)

  • Porsche convertible roof repair

  • Porsche exhaust repair

  • Porsche body repair

  • Porsche painting services

  • Porsche ECU scanning

  • Porsche recovery pickup & delivery

  • Porsche ceramic coating

  • Porsche dent repair

  • Porsche disinfection & sanitization

  • Porsche body polishing

  • Porsche service contracts


Our facilities have what your Porsche needs:


  • Biggest independent luxury car garage and service centre in Dubai

  • Advanced, easy access and well-maintained workshop

  • 15,000 Square foot workshop

  • 20 car lifts

  • Accommodates 50 cars per day

  • Engine room and Transmission/gearbox room dedicated for sensitive repairs

  • Certified technicians with Luxury car repair experience

  • 3,000+ genuine spare parts available in storage

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