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Our COVID-19 Precautionary Measures: Keeping our customers and their families safe

#Staysafe #Stayhome and #StayGearedUp


Here at The Gearbox Auto Services we’ve taken all the necessary measures of COVID-19 prevention and protection very seriously to ensure our customers still receive a premium and high-standard service while keeping them safe from any exposure.


Complimentary services we offer for FREE


In support of the UAE’s #StayHome campaign, we at The Gearbox have made it our mission to be the first Auto Services Center in the UAE to cater to the needs of customers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore we have created a variety of tested and Government-approved services to deliver a completely contactless experience to our customers, free of charge.




Customers can reach out to us at any time of the day to get their cars picked up and delivered to The Gearbox for free. Once we have repaired and serviced the customer’s vehicle we will drop it off to any preferred location for free.




We make sure to protect you and your family from any exposure by giving your car a free sanitization treatment. Our free anti-bacterial treatment is done through an advanced and state-of-the-art Fog Sanitization System (Air Guard Antibacterial System). The machine creates a fog which spreads throughout your vehicle’s interior and forms a protective layer on all the surfaces and objects in your vehicle the car to eliminate bacterial growth. We also use government tested and approved, alcohol and chemical free sanitizer spray which can be used for both your car interior and exterior. This sanitizer keeps your interior and exterior safe without affect surface quality, as it has the same PH level as drinking water.


Facts about our Air Guard Antibacterial System:


· Eco-friendly and safe

· Biodegradable

· Does not foam and non-Carcinogenic

· Odorless and colorless

· Soluble with water

· Stays active up to a temperature of 113 °C

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