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If you’re on the search for a first luxury car, the time is right to do your research, as all car professionals are recommending these days. You have to decide on which is the best luxury car to buy in Dubai to decorate your driveway or parking. And buying a luxury car in Dubai can certainly become confusing and often intimidating. We at the gearbox, want to help by giving you these 15 secrets, tips, and advice on purchasing the best luxury car choice for you.

1. KNOW YOUR OPTIONS Do not let your impulse take over and stick to just one brand, model, or vehicle body type. Keep several options in mind. Compare 3 to 4 different types of luxury cars before making your choice. Weigh the good and bad of each option and keep in mind the long-term durability and maintenance costs of each.


You might be seeing a certain number of popular cars driving down the UAE roads. 2 of the most popular luxury SUVs in Dubai for example, are the Lexus LX570 and the Range Rover Vogue/HSE. If that’s the type of car you really want, it might not be what you actually need. Unless you have a family or need the extra car space, then it’s not the right fit for you. Versus when you really want to buy a Bentley or Maserati sedan, but then where will your newborns sit and how will you take your family out in that car on weekends? Know your limits and stick to them.


Even before you arrive at the dealership while you’re on your way there, make sure that you’re convinced of walking away. No matter what they tell you or offer you, remember these are skilled and seasoned marketing and sales tactics that make you throw all reasoning out the door. You’ll probably get a better price from the same dealership the next time you’re in. Instead, go to several dealerships on the same day as “option research”.

4. READ ONLINE REVIEWS AND WATCH VIDEO REVIEWS Don’t just read the crazy critic reviews, read genuine reviews left by owners and enthusiasts. This way you’ll know the insights of luxury car specialists and of daily drivers.


Did you know that at least 2 months of the year in Dubai, you can get much better deals on new and used cars? In fact, it’s almost like a well-hidden dealership secret. Dealerships in fact will try and offload as much luxury car stock leftover from the year before, and they in turn get a big increase in unit sales. It’s actually a win situation for luxury car buyer and dealerships alike. The month of Ramadhan, for example, is known for being the most popular car buying month due to the huge amount of offers that dealerships run. Another tip, aim to buy a luxury car towards the end of the month or the quarter, salesmen will sell cheaper to meet their monthly quota. If a new model is coming out soon, as soon as it is then the outgoing model price will drop.

6. GET YOUR TRADE-IN QUOTES DONE EARLY If you have a vehicle you want to trade in, get some trade-in quotes 2 weeks or so ahead of going to the dealership. You may also contact us at the gearbox auto services to book a pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection for your luxury car. We’ll give you the current market value.

7. WHAT’S THE CURRENT MARKET VALUE? If you’re going for a pre-owned or used luxury car in Dubai. Don’t make any offers before doing a detailed inspection report. You must also try to test drive the car and get a service history report. It would help save you a lot of money to purchase a pre-owned luxury car warranty package from the gearbox auto services.

8. GET A HISTORY OF REPAIR & SERVICE REPORT This report should be the first thing you look at before considering any pre-owned luxury car in Dubai. The numbers don’t lie!

9. DO A TEST DRIVE Whether it’s a new or pre-owned luxury car, make sure to test drive as long as possible with all the cars you like.

10. LOOK UNDER THE HOOD AND UNDER THE CAR Even if you’re not an expert or not sure what to look for in a used Luxury car. Stick to the basics! Check the engine if it’s clean or looks worn out, look for any oil or water leaks, turn the engine on and listen for weird or irregular sounds (even a sporty luxury car with loud engines will tell you if it’s smooth or not). Make sure to look below the car, it’s the best way to tell if the car is rusty and if there’s any leaks coming out.

11. CONSIDER A HYBRID LUXURY CAR Currently, oil prices in the UAE are increasing (almost X3 the regular rate). That could possibly be because of the global situation, but generally, the future of automotive is electric. Whether it’s a tesla or European car hybrid luxury, you should consider a hybrid or electric as it saves money and time. And much less harmful to the environment.

12. HAVE A BUDGET IN MIND It’s so easy to get caught up in the “dream car” feeling. But don’t let that push you over your budget. Keep in mind that no matter what happens, your car is a depreciating asset and you have to make the most out of this costly machine. The best thing to do is find a car that either has a warranty or service contract, or both. If not, don’t worry because we offer luxury car service contracts and luxury car extended warranty packages. When you finally do buy the perfect luxury car for yourself, keep in mind that you will need the perfect luxury car garage in Dubai. And that’s what we’re here for, catering to your luxury car automotive needs. Below are some of the most common luxury car repair services we offer:

· Luxury car Axle /Driveshaft Repair

· Luxury car Brake Repair

· Luxury car Gearbox Repair

· Luxury car Suspension Repair

· Luxury car Transmission Repair

· Luxury car Programming & Retrofit

· Luxury car Software Repair & Programming

· Luxury car Camera / Radar Calibration

· Luxury car Engine leak repair services

· Luxury car Transfer case Replacement

· Luxury car Brake Repair Services

· Luxury car AC Repair and service

· Luxury car Minor & Major Services

· Luxury car Detailing

· Luxury car Dent repair

· Luxury car Body Painting

· Luxury car Ceramic Coating

· Luxury car Peel-able Paint

· Luxury car service contracts

· Luxury car repair warranty

Our Workshop has what your Luxury vehicle needs:

  • Biggest independent luxury car garage and service centre

  • Advanced, easy access and well-maintained workshop

  • 15,000 Square foot workshop

  • 20 car lifts

  • Turnover of 30 cars per day

  • Engine room and Transmission/gearbox room dedicated for sensitive repairs

  • Certified technicians with Luxury car repair experience

  • 3,000 spare parts available in storage



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