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EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Your Car Battery Service and Maintenance in Dubai

7 Exclusive Tips from our Expert Battery Technicians for Great Battery Health During the Summer and the Rest of the Year:

Increasing temperatures during Summer are unfavourable to your car battery, the engine heat doesn’t make it any easier. Batteries usually die faster during summer than in winter. The average life of a Battery in warm climatic conditions is just 2 years compared to 3.5 years in colder climates.

So, keep this in mind and note that you have to find a reputable and trusted car battery service provider in the UAE to ensure the best functionality all year round. The Gearbox is one of Dubai’s most popular and affordable mobile and on-location battery replacement and car battery service providers. Offering the best car battery services along with car battery replacement services in Dubai for the last 15 years.

  1. Check the battery fluids: Through increased outdoor temperatures the battery fluid evaporates, thereby discharging fluid faster than expected. Get the fluid checked as often as you can and if needed, refill the battery fluid yourself with clean distilled water. And you can always call the gearbox for a quick car battery inspection at home or you can bring your car to our workshop in Al Quoz for a battery health check service instead.

  2. Look for corrosion around the +- terminals: The most common tip for car battery service and maintenance. The battery terminals and links will have a buildup of corrosion over time and need to be thoroughly cleaned. Or else you’ll experience weak battery performance and an occasional loss of battery electrical slippage. With time this corrosion will also lead to uneven charging cycles and will eliminate the chance of jump-start in case the battery dies. Petroleum Jelly is the best recommended “medicine” to cure corrosion and promote better electrical connection.

  3. Park your car in the shade as often and as long as you can

  4. Avoid shorter drives: Short drives with several stops might limit the effectiveness of your car alternator, which has the job of recharging your battery. Small trips could limit the function of GPS, lights, and consoles. So, to balance out this effect try to go for long drives at steady speeds to promote healthy electrical battery function and also to keep your engine oil more durable.

  5. Don’t leave the car parked for more than a week: This goes without saying, but for battery maintenance and repair costs to remain at bay you shouldn’t keep the car switched off for a long time. In case the battery dies and you need to battery jump-start in Dubai, drive the car immediately to the gearbox and get the battery replacement service done so you don’t avoid another battery failure.

  6. Don’t use the electronics when the engine is off: If you needed to unlock the car and switch the battery on, make sure you do this for less than a minute or so. Because your battery trains the fastest when it’s being used without the engine running.

  7. Have your car battery hooked in nice and tight: When getting your battery replacement service done, make sure to have a look yourself to ensure all terminals and bolts and nicely fastened in and tight. Battery clamps need to be in the best condition or else the battery could get damaged from engine vibrations.

Our advanced state-of-the-art car battery facility includes a mobile garage equipped for car battery repair services. Simply call 800 458, and we’ll be at your doorstep within the hour. We offer all kinds of batteries for any car brand and model. The gearbox is one of the leading car battery services providers in Dubai.

The Best of Dubai’s car battery replacement and jump-start services

If you’re struggling to get going, we got you covered. Our super-fast battery service in Dubai is designed to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Whether you need a jump-start or a battery change in Dubai, we’ll be there in less than 1 hour.

What we offer

Our expert technicians will inspect your battery, starter motor and electrical system, and share with you a transparent report. If you just want a quick jump start, we’ll have your car revving in minutes. If the car battery needs changing, we’ll share replacement options on the spot. All our battery options come with a warranty of 1-year MINIMUM.


STANDARD BATTERY (Affordable battery from manufacturers like Charger, ACDelco and Hitachi with 1-year comprehensive warranty)

Starting from 300 AED

PREMIUM BATTERY (Long-life batteries like Bosch, Banner and Varta with 18 months warranty)

Starting from 350 AED

AGM BATTERY (High-capacity batteries from Bosch, Banner and Varta, with 18 months warranty. Recommended for SUVs and high-performance engines)

Starting from 1,400 AED

Any Questions? Our Frequently Asked Questions:

HOW DOES THE BATTERY WARRANTY WORK? The warranty time for a new battery depends on the brand.

Your warranty offers a free battery diagnostic check and a free battery replacement if the test results show that your battery is faulty or damaged.

To claim your battery warranty, contact our Customer Care at 800 458


The car battery service cost depends on your car brand and model, which will decide the time it requires, and of course the brand you choose.

The price includes our detailed battery diagnostic service, battery replacement, and warranty, along with the roadside assistance

If you just need a battery jump-start, you’ll only be charged AED 150.

If we can’t find any issues with your battery, we won’t charge, and we might even be able to identify the issue and bring it to our workshop in al quoz for further repairs needed.


Yes, so long as there is at least 1 meter between your car and surrounding walls or objects, the bonnet is open/unlocked, and you are there yourself to be behind the driver seat.

Depending on your vehicle brand, our battery technician may need access to the interior of your car to complete the battery service requirements.



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