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Knowing How to Repair, Service and Maintain the World’s Most Popular Car Brands in the UAE

Mercedes Benz Gearbox Repair

Why choose the gearbox as your dedicated garage for everything Mercedes related?

At the gearbox, we believe every brand today requires specialized experts and technology for accurate repair & service. Therefore, at our expert Mercedes garage in Dubai, your car will be handled by certified Mercedes mechanics, who are experts on the complex mechanical and electrical systems of the classic and latest Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Quick Overview of Mercedes Benz in the year 2022

These days, the German brand Mercedes Benz is best known for its luxury cars, but there's much more to it than that. In the universe of luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz is one of the most famous and reliable brands. It’s amazing designs for sports cars, SUVs, sedans, and other vehicles have had a huge impact on the automobile industry.

Our own take and point of view on most Mercedes Benz Models nowadays There are GLA, GLB, GLC, GLE, and GLS SUVs, none of which should be mistaken for the G Class (obviously!) That’s before you get to the wide range of variations of each with different engine sizes, body trims, specs, etc. Fundamentally, letters found later in the alphabet indicate larger, more expensive vehicles and larger numbers indicate more powerful (and more expensive) models. For example, a GLA 250 is a smaller, low powered SUV than a GLS 580. While in the past Mercedes model numerals corresponded to their engine sizes (an E55 featured a 5.5 ltr engine), that’s not the case anymore. Turbos and new hybrid tech has enhanced to the point where more power can be produced from smaller engines. An example would be the E63 AMG currently has a turbocharged 4.0-liter engine (and may become smaller in the future)

Here’s everything you need to know about repairs, maintenance, drawbacks and advantages of buying a new or used Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz Engine Repair - Basic tips to a Longer Lasting engine with Mercedes Benz engine repair in Dubai Your vehicle’s first line of defense against mechanical engine breakdown or damage is YOU. If you take the time to do the inspections and schedule the service your vehicle will be granted longer life.

  • Hoses and Belts. Having a cooling hose or a timing belt break down can ruin your things and make a serious dent in your wallet when trying to get it fixed. If the hoses look bulky or spongy it’s time to have them replaced. Check all of your belts regularly for nicks and cracks. If one of them needs replacement, then have all of them replaced and save the labor cost of having them replaced later on.

  • Fluids and Filters. Oil is the lifeline of an engine and most owners will have oil and filter changed regularly. Your engine air and your fuel needs to be cleared of contaminants. Ensure that the air filter and fuel filter are checked regularly. Heat from the UAE climate, engine and brakes can degrade the fluids that control your transmission system, steering and braking. Make sure those levels are checked regularly. You should flush out your radiator yearly.

Benz Transmission Repair -

  • Check Engine Light Is On - The check engine light shows the results of the car’s computer, which monitors various parts of the engine and drivetrain using different sensors. If it detects slippage, overheating, or even small vibrations, it will turn on the engine light. The only way to find out is to run diagnostic scans for your car.

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid - If you seed a red, sweet smelling fluid under your car after parking it for some time, it might be leaking transmission fluid from either a seal or gasket. You can check with the dip stick to see if the level has below average, and it is important to get the leak fixed immediately or else this means you’re car will have more transmission wear and tear.

  • Burning Smells - Transmission fluid give off a burning rubber smell when it burns, and if you smell it, it is overheating. Most car manufacturers advise flushing the fluids after 100,000 miles to remove sludge and debris from the system. If you do not follow this, the particles will gather inside and create friction in the system, which causes the fluid to heat up. The solution here is to get the system flushed immediately.

  • Noisy Neutral Gear - When shifted in neutral gear, your Mercedes should not make any noises because the transmission is not triggered and the vehicle is not moving. Although, if you hear bumping noises, it means the transmission fluid is low and needs to be refilled, or needs flushing before refilling.

  • Difficulty in Shifting Gears- Transmission systems are designed to change gears smoothly, so if you’re having trouble switching gear, the transmission fluid might be low, or it could be the wrong fluid used. It could also be due to a blocked filter, a broken clutch linkage, or incorrect shift cable positioning.

  • Grinding or Vibrations - Grinding and clunking are common symptoms in failing manual transmission systems. They indicate that your transmission system is having a lot of friction, and depending on the situation, you might have to change the clutch. With automatic transmissions, you might feel vibrations as the system tries to switch gears. Either way, you need to get your Mercedes checked immediately before the system breaks down.

AC Repair - 5 Signs Your Mercedes Benz Needs Air Conditioning Service

  • Weak Air Flow - If you sense weak air flow from the AC vents of your Mercedes than it is not normal. Weak air flow is normally caused by a broken fan or even a loose hose. If you put your hand in front of the vents and feel cold air then it is a confirmation of weak air flow problem. Get it fixed by taking your Mercedes-Benz car to the gearbox auto services because it can be very uncomfortable especially if you live in a country like the UAE.

  • Warm Air - The only function assigned to an AC system is to provide you cold temperature by blowing in colder air from the vents. So if you turn on the AC in your car and it blows in warmer air than usual, then this is an obvious sign that your Mercedes-Benz needs AC inspection.

  • Starts Cool Then Gets Warm - You turn on the AC in your Mercedes-Benz and get a soothing cool breeze. But after a few minutes, the air gets warmer. It is a sign of a damaged fuse or even a faulty compressor clutch. In any case, you should visit the gearbox auto services immediately because this problem can be very uncomfortable in summers and it will get worse if not fixed.

  • Bad Smells - Mercedes Benz has extraordinary air filters in their cars, but everything gets dirty when exposed to outdoor air. If you turn on your AC and it blows nice cold air towards you but with a foul stench, then there is definitely something wrong with the system. Normally the bad smells in car AC are caused by dirty filters or mold growing near the evaporator. These bad smells can be avoided through regular service of your Mercedes-Benz AC and changing the AC filter. Anyway, if you have this problem, bring your Mercedes Benz to the gearbox auto services and hand it over to our AC specialist team.

  • Strange Noises - If you hear weird noises whenever you turn on the air conditioner in your car then it’s a clear indication of a mechanical problem. The strange sounds generally are squealing or clanking which is a sign of a worn out belt, broken fan or other mechanical issue. If you face any kind of Mercedes AC related problem in Dubai then the best place to get it repaired is the gearbox auto services. We offer all kinds of services for Mercedes Benz, all models serviced.

Brake Repair - If you own a Mercedes, you know they are reliable vehicles that are a luxury to drive. To keep it running, you must have regular scheduled maintenance. One area of importance is your braking system. It must be working properly at all times to keep yourself, your passengers, and others around you safe.

  • Taking Care of Your Brakes - To maintain the braking system of your Mercedes Benz, take care of your brakes. Here are things that you need to make sure that they are kept in good working condition.

  • Check the brake fluid - The brake fluid has to be at the accurate level for your brakes to work properly. It can also become dirty and will need to be changed. Grimy brake fluid will have a milky white color. Using contaminated fluid can damage the wheel and master cylinder. It is a healthy process to have all of your other fluids checked every time you have your car serviced. By doing this you are helping prevent issues from happening and, you will be keeping future service costs affordable.

  • Have regular brake inspections performed - Your brakes have to be checked during every service. Once you start to hear screeching or your brake pedal goes down too far, this means trouble. By having regular inspections performed you can take care of this issue before having any further damage.

  • Change the brake pads and rotors - When changing your brake pads and rotors it is important to use genuine parts. Using quality parts will ensure that they will last longer. That is the main reason to use original parts. You can inspect the brakes yourself by looking through the wheels to see how much percentage is left. It is also a good idea to have your pads and rotors checked during your scheduled oil change.

Mercedes Benz Body Repair - Not just because this technology is advanced and currently trending, but it’s very much recommended to get your Mercedes car body restored from paint scratches, dents, corrosion and rusting. After restoring the exterior, get a PPF or Nano ceramic coating done immediately. Nano Ceramic is more affordable than PPF and lasts just as long. That’s the best way to protect your car exterior from the scorching heat of the UAE.

Suspension Repair of Mercedes Benz - It is one of the faster reacting air suspension systems in the market. While most AIRMATIC systems can go 120,000 Kilometers (ODO) without any repair or service required, sooner or later a failure/malfunction will occur. When that happens, be sure to bring your Mercedes to a specialized suspension repair workshop such as the gearbox auto services.

Oil Leak issue of Mercedes Benz

  • IDENTIFYING THE OIL LEAK - Originally you may notice some drops of oil under your car. If you see any oil dripping, it is crucial to start inspecting the issue asap because it could be the result of a big issue with your Mercedes. There are a handful of reasons why your car might be leaking, so it is important for you to do an inspection on your own if you feel confident enough, or take your vehicle in to be inspected by specialists. You need to also make sure that your car is being serviced regularly to find these issues before they get worse.



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