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4 Most Important Transmission Maintenance and Service Tips for European cars

Drivers are willing to spend more in Dubai for luxury and performance vehicles, and European vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche are designed to give you both. Surely more than Asian and American cars, it is important that you follow a proper Transmission Repair and Service advice for any European car to avoid any transmission issues developing. These advanced and modern engineered machines require accurate transmission service to avoid malfunction and keep that high performance.

In any European car the two most important components are the transmission and the engine. These 6 car transmission maintenance in Dubai tips will guarantee that you prolong the life of the engine and transmission in your European car for several more years

1. Transmission Pan Gasket Replacement

A key step to European car transmission maintenance is replacing the transmission pan gasket. It can wear out and crack over time, which will cause transmission oil leaks. Any loss of transmission fluid will result in the transmission not shifting properly which can cause transmission system malfunction. If your current transmission pan gasket is reusable and of high quality you can clean it off and put it back, but if not it is a cheap fix that can prevent bigger issues.

2. Periodically Do a Transmission Service & Cleaning

As with other areas of your European car, a build-up of fluid, dirt and grime can lead to problems inside the transmission system. Whenever you have a transmission service done it should have the removal and cleaning of the dirt and sludge that build up inside. It should include your car transmission pan, gasket, sealing surface, transmission case and any excess fluid that drips onto the exhaust.

3. Transmission Filter Replacement

The car transmission filter and seal will need to be changed routinely as blocked filters lead to stress and wear on your transmission system. Replacing the filter can be neglected but is an important part of transmission maintenance, so be sure to change the filter while the transmission pan is off.

4. Transmission Fluid Check and Replacement

Transmission system flushing is a crucial part of Transmission maintenance. The majority of the transmission fluid is lost and needs to be replaced. It’s recommended that you fill your transmission fluid to manufacturer guidelines for replacement fluid and to fill them to manufacturer-recommended levels. Like engine oil, transmission oil can become dirty and full of debris over time and that can damage your transmission’s performance so regular fluid changes are recommended.

If you own a Luxury or European car in Dubai and need high-quality transmission repair and service, then our transmission repair specialists at the gearbox are here to make the process an easy one. Our transmission repair experts specialize in the service of European vehicles and each service we offer is done with advanced tools and equipment to ensure dealership quality work with affordable market prices. Call us today to schedule a free inspection, for service on your vehicle’s engine, transmission, or additional maintenance work that you may need.



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